About us

A founding member of Four-Wheel Drive Qld, TLCC Qld is managed by a committee of elected club members with diverse backgrounds and professional experiences.

CLUB HISTORY 1972 - Ongoing

The Toyota Landcruiser Club of Qld (Inc) history dates to 23 February 1972 when a meeting of LandCruiser owners gathered for a meeting in the workshop of Swift Motors (forerunner of Motorama). Fred Dyke of Swifts Motors was appointed inaugural President and he is regarded as the Founder of the Club with an annual club trophy named in his honour. At the time there were just 600 Toyota's registered in Queensland.

Club objectives, (paraphrased) developed in 1972, remain much the same as we pass through 2020;

  • Friendship, Fun and Fourwheelin (our motto)
  • Family oriented activities
  • Environment and access to public reserves
  • Education and training
  • Vehicle knowledge, acquisition, and maintenance

In 1975, TLCCQLD was a leader in a consortium which developed a Driver Training Program, the basis of which has been used to create nationally accredited 4WD driver training programs. In 1976, TLCCQLD commenced an orientation program which was the forerunner of the current New Members Day (click on the Membership tab). Through to the current time, programs include basic and advanced driving and recovery, sand driving, winching, first aid and chainsaw operation.

By 1977, TLCCQLD had become involved in both state and national issues around misrepresentation of 4WD vehicles and protection of the environment. A Qld association- now known as Four Wheel Drive Queensland-  was formed in 1977 and by 1984 a National Four Wheel Drive Council had been formed. TLCCQLD has an ongoing relationship with Toyota LandCruiser clubs in other states and territories

Through this time and into the current time, there has been a dramatic increase in ownership of 4WD's and a significant change in the mechanical and electronic components of these vehicles as well as their use as social and recreational vehicles. Unfortunately, access to 4WD tracks has declined but the involvement of the State association and the burgeoning number of 4WD clubs has facilitated credibility and the opportunity to liaise with Government and to promote vehicle based outdoor recreation activities such as camping and conservation.

The liaison and co-operation extends to companies such as Q Plantations,  operator of significant forestry plantations, although the challenge is not so much with 4WD clubs and individual members as the less responsible 4WD owners accessing areas which are permanently or temporarily closed due to wet weather or fire risk.

In days past, clubs would assist in the removal of abandoned vehicles as a means of environmental protection, but current day activities focus more on clean-ups such as Fraser Island Clean-Up which is hugely popular with the Clubs in southern Qld as is the annual 4WD Corroboree.

Since its beginnings in 1972, TLCCQLD has developed comprehensive documented operating systems and financial security to enable an active program of education and training as well as social activities and 4WD based trips which embrace day and weekends as well as extended tag-along offerings. Friendships developed within the club frequently extend into private 4WD trips.

The varied interests of Club members often guide their participation. Some members are beach enthusiasts whilst others enjoy the bush or 4WD parks.  Everyone camps in different ways, from swags to tents to trailers to full size caravans often depending on the trip. In addition to sharing the positives and negatives of vehicle and camping experiences, club members share other knowledge such as native plants, fossicking, photography, navigation, fishing and so on.

Our values

Code of Ethics

We promote friendship and courtesy on the road through social gatherings, touring and in competition between members of the club

4WD Vehicles

We promote friendship and courtesy on the road through social gatherings, touring and in competition between members of the club

Environmental Conservation

Toyota Landcruiser Club QLD is committed to the conservation and protection of our natural environment

Track Clearing & Cleanups

We aim to create an awareness among members of their responsibility towards conserving our natural environment

Keeping in touch with you

Like any club, we have monthly meetings to discuss upcoming trips, past trips and any other information pertinent to the clubs general day to day business. We are steered by a committee that is elected each year by our members who run these meetings on the last Monday of each Month at the Mt Coot-Tha Botanical Gardens Auditorium at 7pm.

We also have a bi-monthly magazine called 4 wheel Cruisin which keeps you up to date with any club information and upcoming events, whilst also keeping you informed of what trips have been recently completed with in depth trip reports. Our generous sponsors who advertise in our magazine also offer specials to club members from time to time.

Facebook is an important way of keeping in touch with members on a day to day basis and always has some great information on trips just past or upcoming trips that we are holding. This can be used to let people know of weather changes closer to time and even cancellations of trips due to environmental factors which can occur from time to time.

We do encourage all of our members to like us on Facebook which will aid us in keeping you up to date on any important news or information that the club needs to pass onto you quite quickly.